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Supporting children and families during the holidays

We know that domestic and family violence increases over summer, especially during Christmas and New Year. We also know that calls to domestic and family violence services, and police reports, increase following a significant sporting event or traumatic incident, such as the 2020 Australian Bushfires.
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Supporting Learning Following a Traumatic Event

'We know that emotions play a large part in memory. This is why we all know where we were when we heard that Steve Irwin had died, or how parents can describe the birth of their children with such detail. It is therefore unsurprising that children remember traumatic events so, or perhaps even too vividly.' Be You team member Sally Hodge explores trauma and neuroplasticity.
Spines of children's books 

Therapeutic Storybooks: Growing through natural disasters

Be You team members Sally Hodges and Michelle Woszatka explore the role therapeutic children’s books have in supporting children to understand traumatic incidents.
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New White Ribbon research reveals the importance of respectful relationships

According to new research, just under half of men aged 18–34 do not believe that hitting or punching another person is domestic violence.

Critical reflection to support families experiencing violence

Critical reflection is core to the practice of all early childhood educators, but what role does critical reflection play in supporting children who have experienced domestic and family violence?

Starting early with dads

Richard Fletcher explores the importance of meaningfully engaging fathers in early learning services to support families.
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Saying ‘Hello’ and Saying ‘Goodbye’: Re-engaging in early childhood education after COVID-19

Saying Goodbye When children transition from their families (saying goodbye) to the early learning setting (saying hello) it can be...
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Early action key in prevention of family violence

During crisis times, people frequently look to what they can do to help—often this includes donations of goods or money,...
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